Jul 2014

How I Found Success by Young Age

I just recently turned the “Dirty 30,” which led me to contemplate a common question I get asked from college students after my speaking engagements: “How do I become a successful entrepreneur by the age of 30?” The answer I discovered is simple: Stop talking about it and do it. No excuses. No waiting. In fact, the sooner you start the better.

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Mar 2014

When You Come From Nothing, Anything Is Possible: How I Was Able To Live ‘The Dream’

Six years ago today, I signed my first book publishing deal to write “The Dream,” a memoir of my life journey of coming to America, dropping out of high school and founding two companies worth $340 million by the age of 25. Since then, I’ve continued my love for entrepreneurship and have grown my third company, RadiumOne, into my largest success thus far. At the right time, I hope to write my second book with even greater lessons that our future generation’s entrepreneurs could benefit from.

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Jan 2014

8 Successful Entrepreneurs Give Their Younger Selves Lessons They Wish They'd Known Then

Looking at the success trajectories of today’s disruptors--from Pandora cofounder Tim Westergren to Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales--it’s easy to think that they had everything figured out from a young age. But many of today’s success stories learned lessons later in life that they wished they had known as they were beginning their careers. The eight investors and entrepreneurs below share the advice they wish they had gotten in their early twenties.

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Nov 2013

The Success Secrets of Professional Air Walker

Odds are, you probably can't do a backflip. And you almost certainly can't do backflip on a slackline--a long, two-inch-wide strap of nylon webbing anchored between two points. "A backflip in general is a scary thing," says Josh Greenwood, a professional slackliner who, on the other hand, can do a backflip. "If you do it wrong, it really hurts you."

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