How to Write a 10000-word Essay in less than 12 Hours

What would you do if you were able to write a 10000-word essay in a day? Would you dive into writing E-books or lengthy blog posts? Maybe you might consider a high-converting sale on home pages. Before you even think of what you could do, do your thing writing a 10000-word essay is possible? Looking at the trouble students go through when writing one-page articles, it seems writing a 10000-word is impossible. However, it is possible to write that amount of words in a day. You only need appropriate work ethics to accomplish this challenge. These ethics include:

Make writing an everyday goal

If you want to write any essay fast, at first you need to have a writing habit. Writing 10000 words might be exhausting since it consumes a lot of time, and you will be tempted to put it off at some point. So, you first need to build a passion for writing. To do this, you need to start small with approximately 500 words each day and grow as you gain the experience. Keep increasing your daily minimum word target. You should also consider that you have other obligations to attend to.

Creating a writing habit

Starting a writing habit may seem impossible. According to research, it might take at least 66 days for something you do to become a habit. So, in line with the research, if you write 400 words daily, you will effortlessly do it in two months. However, instead of a fixed number of words each day, you should gradually increase the minimum number after a few days. Avoid jumping from a small number to a big number at once.

For a start, you might create mental roadblocks that will hinder the growth of your writing habit. There are several factor that can trigger procrastination. They include no intrinsic reward, lack of personal meaning, unstructured, difficulty, frustration, and boredom.

Calculate your WPM

Measure how many words you can write per minute. The average WPM for a 500-word article is 38 to 40 words per minute. Knowing your speed will help you gauge how the amount of time you need to write 10000 words. Keep in mind that you will be brainstorming on ideas and doing some research. You need to factor these and add them to the time you will require to complete the 10000 words writing in a day.

There are several online sites that you can go and test your speed. However, it might not be an accurate reflection of your speed in your writing context from your mind. On the online page, words are provided. However, on your own, you have to think, then write and revise the sentences. So it might take longer. 

Combine energy and attention

Productivity is not only determined by the amount of time by also the timing. There is a big difference between that person that wakes up early in the morning to write and the other one that picks their laptop in the evening after a whole day of working and starts writing. Knowing yourself and the time that you are most productive will go a long way in making your goal come to reality. You need to find a moment when your body and mind are in sync because they play a huge role in your productivity. 

Plan your content in advance

Research your target topics and find the necessary material before you start writing. It helps you from struggling when you are writing, and your ideas will flow. You need tactics that will help you navigate large content, such as how you plan to interact with your readers, what you intend to tell them, and what you need to do to keep them engaged.

Change your environment

The above mentioned will prepare you for mindset and skill to come up with 10000 words in under 12 hours. However, all these depend on the environment you choose. First of all the time, you choose to work is an essential factor. You will notice that your productivity changes with the different environments you work in. 


Ten thousand words may look easy, but in a real sense, it is not as easy as anyone may think. Consistency is key for you to write more and more words easily. As you write each day, you gain the experience, flexibility, and passion for doing more. In a short time, you will realize that you are writing a 10000-word essay quality and quantity.

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